“What shape awaits in the seed of you to grow and spread its branches against a future sky?”

David Whyte, What To Remember When Waking

Tony’s professional services are rooted in his experiences as a student of Parker Palmer and others who pioneer Courage and Renewal Work.   This work is an invitation for each person and organization to discover their inner capacity to lead a more authentic, meaningful and resilient life.

In his work as a facilitator, Tony frequently employs the Touchstones developed by Parker Palmer and others to create safe space – brave space  – for reflection and meaningful conversations, encouraging each participant to trust their own wisdom and align their inner life with their outer work in the world. During a retreat or workshop experience, these touchstones shape how participants relate to each other.  Participants are encouraged to adapt these principles to their daily interactions at home, in their organizations, community and networks —inviting the best of each person to show up and contribute.  This builds the kind of trust and integrity that is essential for organizations to effectively pursue their missions, especially in challenging times.

To learn more about Courage Work and the legacy of Parker Palmer, please visit the Center for Courage and Renewal.