What are people saying about Tony’s Workshops, Retreats and Facilitation Services?

In a professional evaluation of the 2014-2015 Ohio pilot series of Courage to Teach (CTT), Dr. Robert Fischer of Case Western Reserve University, Research Associate Professor of evaluation at Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, stated:

“…the powerful changes reported by attendees suggest tremendous value for them from Courage To Teach (CTT). For many, CTT has allowed them to set in place new ways of thinking and new behaviors that increase their ability to handle stress and avoid burn-out in their career.  In particular, four themes are highlighted: skills toward others; self-care skills; connectedness; and reinvigoration.”

Past participants of Tony’s work have said:

“One of the finest programs for renewal that I have experienced in my 44-year career of work at all levels of organizational structure.”

“I feel a sense of direction more deeply.  I have new energy to take risks and try new things.”

“My biggest take away is making the connection between who I am and what I value as a person. This finds life in my classroom, with my students and with my colleagues.”

“I was not seeking anything; this whole experience found me. I consider it a gem.”